How to Keep Cool This Summer Without Breaking the Bank!

How to Keep Cool This Summer Without Breaking the Bank!

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You know the disgusting feeling that you get when you walk out the front door after just taking a shower and you’re already sweating bullets? HEAT WAVE! Ohhh no. What do you do? Crank up the AC? Thaaaaat might not be the most economical or eco-sensitive solution. So, when the sun is beating down this summer, try to follow these pointers to keep your home cool without tripling your electricity bill!

Thermostat Tips

Fun Fact: If you set your air conditioner to 70°F it will cost almost twice as much as one set to 78°F.

  • So, in order to notice a pretty drastic savings on your bill, try turning up the temperature by 2 or 3 degrees from what you would normally set it to. You won’t notice that much of a difference in temperature but you will definitely notice a difference on your bill.
  • When you leave the house, turn your thermostat up to about 80°F. That way, your AC won’t be running full blast the entire time you’re gone and it will still be at a low enough temperature to be able to cool down again quickly. Many people make the mistake of turning it completely off when they leave. Contrary to what you may think, you’re actually hurting your bill even more by doing this because the air conditioner has to work extra long and hard to re-cool the home.

Swirl the Sweat Away

Fun Fact: A ceiling fan only uses about as much energy as a 100-watt bulb, but it can make a room feel up to 8 degrees cooler!

  • Did you know that most ceiling fans spin both ways? If you set your ceiling fans to spin counterclockwise in the Summer, it will push the air down towards you, keeping you cool! If you set them to spin clockwise in the Winter it will push the cool air up, forcing the hot air that has risen to circulate in the room. So, use your ceiling fans! Circulation will help move the air around and keep the house cool.

Put in a Little Elbow Grease

Fun Fact: A clean air filter can help lower your bill by 10%!

  • Clogged or dirty filters will make your unit work much harder to cool your home. If you clean out or replace your air conditioner filter every month it will help your unit be mush more efficient and cost effective!

Get Out N’ Grill

Fun Fact: Just the use of your kitchen can generate enough heat to warm up the house and trigger that unit to start up again.

  • If you use your grill to cook your food outside it will keep that heat our there instead of bringing it into your finally cooled home.
  • If you absolutely have to use the oven or stove, try to cut down the time you leave it on, and most importantly, make sure to ventilate properly to prevent that unit from running up your bill!

Smaller Space, Larger Savings

Fun Fact: A cooling unit will cool a small space quicker than a larger space. Common sense? You’d be surprised 😉

  • If there are parts of the house that are not really used (i.e. A kid that went off to college whose room is now being used for storage, a guest room, an extra bathroom, etc.) shut the vents in those rooms and close the doors! The cool air will then be directed to the open vents and will cool the rooms that are being used quicker.

Helpful Hacks & Longer Term Solutions

  • Keeping your curtains drawn and your windows closed during the day will help keep those sizzling sun rays OUT. If you do both, you can reduce cooling costs by up to 30%!
  • Windows make a huge difference! Investing in double paned windows will help keep your home insulated. Keep the hot out & the cool in (and visa versa in the winter).
  • Planting trees all around the outside of the house will help naturally shade the house in the summertime, and its helping the environment too 🙂

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