Real Estate Photography Tips

Real Estate Photography Tips

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Having professional quality photos of your home will instantly increase the value of your home and the interest of potential buyers. As time goes by, our world is becoming more and more technological. Since most things are internet based now, including real estate research and transactions, it is important to appeal to the masses by having a good online presence. Preparation is key to selling your home as fast as possible, for the highest amount possible. Remember, by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail!

Most buyers do their screening online before they even set out to start viewing properties in person. There are so many websites available now for people to look at homes that are for sale, and if your house looks amazing online, there is an infinitely greater chance of that online shopper getting their booty up to visit your house in person.

Here are some real estate photography tips that will help you make the best first impression possible and hopefully sell your home quicker:

  1. Declutter your home. Since you are going to be moving anyways, its best to start packing things up and storing them (in the garage or in your storage unit) so that your house looks clean and uncluttered. Just keep the essentials that make the home look nice and functional.
  2. Highlight the special features. If there are certain things that set your house apart, highlight those things! Make sure to decorate or adjust a few things so that the buyer is able to see these “special features” vividly.
  3. A fresh layer of paint goes a long way! Repaint the whole interior of the home. Use a neutral color because it appeals to a larger audience. Also, a lighter color will help the house seem bigger and brighter!
  4. Get all the obvious repairs done before you get professional photos taken. If a buyer sees there is something that clearly needs to be fixed, it might turn them away because they don’t want to have to deal with the repair themselves.
  5. Focus on the kitchen & bathrooms. If you have a small budget, funnel the money into repairing/upgrading the kitchen & bathrooms. These are the rooms that are the most important to a buyer.
  6. Give your home a deep clean. Make sure all the bathroom floors and toilets are clean, hang up fresh towels, make sure any stains are treated in the carpets, make sure everything looks spic and span! Buyers will notice if the house is dirty and it may turn them away. They are investing their hard earned dollars into buying a home, so they will be more judgmental of small things when looking for their perfect fit!
  7. Clean up the landscaping. Make sure your grass is mowed, and make sure both the front and back yard look visually appealing, if possible. If the buyer feels like you have maintained the property well, they will get a good feeling about the overall condition of the home.
  8. Let in the light! Make sure all the curtains/blinds are open and all the lights are turned on for the photos. Because the windows will be showing in the photos, make sure they are clean. We don’t want to see smudges or bird droppings in the online photos. You want your house to look as big and bright as possible! Leave no stone unturned to make sure your potential for finding that buyer is at its highest.
  9. Repurpose living spaces. Sometimes buyers are not creative enough to imagine what a certain space could be used for. Make it easy for them by making certain adjustments that may let them see which rooms can be used as a media room, a home office, a workout room, etc.

Making these adjustments will help you maximize your potential for selling your home as quick as possible, for the highest price possible. Try to check as many of these things off the list as you can!

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