Why Work With Us?

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When we work directly with a home seller, we aspire to facilitate a smooth, stress-free experience and help them to save thousands of dollars, compared to selling their home through traditional means. Our ability to directly purchase homes and make cash offers, facilitates extremely fast and hassle-free transactions.

There are always creative solutions to any real estate challenge by leveraging experience and compassion. We pride ourselves on working closely with each of our customers, one-on-one, to handle their unique situation and always strive for a WIN-WIN result!

Most homeowners are conditioned to use traditional methods to sell their home – either list with an agent or attempt a “For Sale by Owner” and hope for the best. Real estate agents typically get paid between 5% and 6% commission, based on the home’s selling price. In most cases, homeowners are also encouraged to fix up their home and yard to attract more potential buyers – sometimes it can involve hiring expensive contractors. Extending the time and adding to the cost of selling can compound an already stressful situation. VS Homes has the remedy!

To speak with us about how we can help YOU, call us at (951) 338-2626 today!

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